▲ Thoughts & Things for the new year

I'm not a big fan of setting unrealistic goals an making unnecessary New Year's Resolutions that will just make you feel guilty through the new year. But I do think it's important to sit back every now and again and think about what you want, what you're about and where you want to go. Nothing will change unless you change something. So here are a few thoughts and random things that I jotted down with regards to this wonderful new year ahead of me.

Get my hands dirty more
Do DIY projects &  give DIY gifts
Write more letters
Read magazines
Spoil people even though it's not their birthday
Keep on dancing
Do at least 5 Mountain biking races
Take the 1st step to doing my own thing one day (how exciting!)
Say no sometimes and not feel guilty about it
Go to Italy & Switzerland
Spend a little on myself for a change and not always on everyone else
Document more of my adventures & creations on my blog
Eat less bread (unless it's freshly baked of course)
Start Yoga. I'm so scared!
Bake a cake
Cook up a storm & share
Surprise my husband
Read a book (just kidding! That's a very unrealistic goal for me, I'll watch the movie)
Don't measure my idea of success and happiness to others'
Be grateful every single day
Straighten my hair less
Take more photos
Sleep in
Go to the dentist (I'm terrified of the dentist)
Spend more time with the most important people in my life

Okay super <3

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