Wolves Café, Illovo

Everyone loves Wolves Café! It's a little cosy, creative coffee shop in Corlett Drive. There's live music every Thursday night and Beer O' Clock on Fridays after work. They have freshly baked cup cakes, breakfast and even home made lemonade. If you haven't been there, where have you been?
(images from wine mag and tumeric & tulle)

Pretty things by Lady Peculiar

A little while ago I was in Stellenbosch and discovered this little jewelry
design and manufacturing studio called, Lady Peculiar. Visit the website!
Loads of prettiness <3


I stumbled across this design of Cassandra Leigh called "Sokkie saam".
It's packaging for one sock. So when you loose a sock, you can just buy
another ONE. Brilliant!


Jordan Metcalf

I got this card from my boyfriend a while ago and decided to track down
this rocking illustrator. Nice to meet you Jordan Metcalf. Love your work!

So this is me

This photo was taken by my awesome friend, Dani California, on
the way back from the Loerie awards. Visit her blog yaytoday  !


The Patisserie, Illovo

This is the best discovery I've made in a very long time, thanks to toodoo.co.za. It's a little cosy, over decorated, very pink spot in Illovo. Ideal to meet the girls and have a naughty indulgence. What a big spoil! Find it at Shop 24 Post Office Centre, 30 Rudd rd, Illovo, Johannesburg.

Guy with Camera

Guy with camera is a cool local photographer. His blog won at the 2010 SA blog awards for the best photographic blog. Worth taking a look.


Roger Ballen at the Rooke Gallery

Roger Ballen moved to South Africa in the 1970's and started by documenting the small dorps or villages of rural South Africa. His work can be viewed at the Rooke Galley, Johannesburg. Everything from his Dorps, Platteland, Outland, Shadow Chamber and Boarding House exhibitions. You can also catch him at the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town from 6 November 2010.

Hyper-Realistic sculptures by Evan Penny

"No One - In Particular: RGB" is one of Evan Penny's sculptures that is so realistic and detailed it will blow your mind!


Kamersvol Geskenke

Beautiful hand made products, stalls selling great deli foods and designers creating beautiful spaces. It is a celebration of creative living and wonderful gifts, innovative concepts and creative stimulation. Go to the website for more info.

500 sleeves for one CD single

Tubelord got different artists from all over the UK to create 500 different sleeves
for their single "propeller". Check you this video to take a closer look.
It's a cool song too!


Make Something Cool Every Day


Check out this guy's site. He made something random everyday, for a year. 
And this is my first post +) yeay!