Foxy Ladies

Some foxy ladies that I found somewhere on google. Can't remember exactly where... oops, sorry. But I just really like these knitted things and fashions. I think it brings more happiness to winter +) Just like that.


Cotton Candy Hair

I'm in love with cotton candy hair!! I want it <3 I found the top image from Fashion Flowers and Teacups. Then also crazy about these cute and happy illustrated prints from Small Talk Studio. Love all of them! Check out the Etsy shop =) Happy day everyone xxx


Clarens Brewery

Oh what fun!! We went to Clarens (a tiny town surrounded by mountains in the Freestate) this weekend. It was freeeeeezing, but so super! We stopped by the Clarens Brewery and had a little beer tasting. You taste 8 different "home made" beers and then you choose the one you like. YUM! I had an apple cider. <3

Emmanuelle Brisson

Absolutely beautiful photography by Emmanuelle Brisson. I love love love his stuff! You MUST visit his website, there are so many photographs I wanted to post, but I just couldn't decide. Thanks Christiaan friend for sending me his link +) I am a better person now.

Protea rings

Really lovely protea rings and things +) I think the proteas on my table is subliminal inspiration, hehe, but I do love them! The top 2 rings are from Meadowlark and the bottom two are from a South African designer Sirkel (his shop is at 44 Stanley, Johannesburg). Go there, he makes lovely stuff!

Odd Cafe, Greenside

I love you <3 What a lovely little odd spot in Greenside. Just a cosy little place with odd tables and chairs and some super yummy things. I had white chocolate cheese cake! Yes please! It was amazing +) They also showcase local artists and have really homey food (i just went for the sweet side of things though). Visit their blog here.


Bday Day

Happy Birthday to me! 26 and counting... Going away to Clarens with some super friends this weekend. Can't wait for a little break with my favourite peops. Lots of wine, fireplace and hopefully snow =) Oh what fun! Lets have some cake. Got the cool dropcaps fro, The Daily Drop Cap. It's nice, go there.


Whippy Cake

I was looking for some wedding hair ideas when I came across these really lovely handmade hair accessories and pins and all things nice from Whippy Cake. Must say, I love these 2 ideas. Decisions decisions +) 

Happiness for your walls

Lovely illustrated decals for happiness all over. Lots of different ones from Shanna Murray Illustrated Decals. So cute xxx Visit the website, see cool things, be awesome, eat cake +) and stuff


More embroidery

Yes, I know, I'm a sucker for these. Love them, want more of them, bring them to me! So kitsch and so lovely. I found these on pinterest, my endless source of inspiration <3

Knits and nice things

Just some lovely things I found and really like <3 Image 1, art wall, is from decor8. The super cool origami bird tea is from Uniquely Tea. Knitted tops that I would LOVE to own from teen vogue and The clothes horse. Just like that +)

Protea love

Lucky girl me <3 I got the most beautiful bunch of flowers from my love because it's my birthday week +) I'm getting so spoilt! I can't wait to get married to you!! xx


Pendorings 2011 Viral

Here's the viral for Pendorings 2011 entries that Renier and Nico did! Give it a Like on youtube and pass it on to your friends <3 Spread the Afrikaans +)

Bee Part

How cute is this wall decal from Bee Part!? SUPER! They have loads of fun and vibrant removable wall decals with a tattoo illustation style that I love! <3 Go to the Etsy site for more nice things +)

Hugs from Panda

What a lovely picture <3 I just love everything about it. Can I eat it? I want too. I found it on deviant art while I was looking for some swallow tattoo ideas for my friend. The thought of the day I found on Erin Ever After. You must take it seriously! The world needs more awesome people! x


Pendorings 2011

Yeay! At last my super talented fiancé, Renier, gave me some of his work to put on my blog! He and his copy writer, Nico, are busy with this year's Pendoring Awards campaign. For those of you who have NO idea what this is, it's the Afrikaans advertising awards in South Africa. They are leaving for New York the end of the month to do an internship at Johannes Leonardo. They won the presitige prize at the 2010 Pendoring awards and the prize is to chose any agency in the world to go and work for. SUPER!! The same goes for this years winner. I'm so jealous! Visit the website!! The blog will be up and running soon. They are going to document everything they get up to in New York. So exciting <3


One Sheepish Girl

Lovely knitted things for the winter from One Sheepish Girl! Love the horse sweater! Would love to get my hand on one <3 See more knitted things on her super cool site +)


Easy Tiger

Must have that t-shirt! and that scarf AND that jersey. Yeay for animal prints <3 I got this from a super cool fashion blog called El mundo viste a la Moda. Have fun xxx

Kathryn Whyte Illustration

Lovely illustrated cards by Kathryn Whyte <3 Super cute thank you cards, father's day cards and more nice things like magnets and tank tops with penguins on them +) Super! I first saw this on Eat Drink Chic.

Love sequin

Nothing like a little bling to brighten up your day <3 I love these! The top bow is from Birds and Shoes, the cute shorts from Pinterest and the dress from Imgfave.


It's not who you are

I just love this bubble of wisdom. Always good to know these things on a tuesday morning =) Hope you have such a lovely day. I found this on In the Fashion Loop somewhere.



Yummy breakfast blog! Endless breakfast ideas from BKFST. If you are like me and love to have breakfast 3 times a day, you'll love this forever! Warning: Do not go here if you are hungry! Yum yum yum <3


Oh hello Mike

I love these super happy illustrations by Mike Lowery. They make me feel so pink and fluffy inside (last time I checked that was a good thing). Visit his website for maximum cuteness <3

Love at first blush

Oe wowie. I think the top one i my favourite! Pretty lady tattoos from Love at first blush. Really beautiful photography <3 and things and things.