Doily Christmas

I made these Christmas tags for my family and friends <3 Not sure about the wrapping paper yet... This is my last post for the year. Holiday time! Have a lovely Christmas. God bless you +)


We heart it

We <3 it is such a cool website with endless amouts of pretty pictures. You create an online album with your favorite images and videos and at the same time you can see what other people are adding to their own albums.

Deer Tee

So this is my very square and a little short Deer Tee.  I love it and got it from the Journey shoppie in Longstreet. Dani likes it too +)


Trinket brooches

I also discovered Trinket at Kamersvol Geskenke. I think I went back to that table about 3 times and just stared at the prettiness. They have super cute stainless steel and perspex brooches. Bokkies, foxes, rabbits, sculls, you name it it's stunning.

Cookie Boy

And then Dani introduced me to Cookie Boy. Random Japanese dude goes crazy with cookies. Creative cookies for everyone! I think it's time to do some baking again. They make for great photos too +)

Little Cakes

We went to Kamersvol Geskenke a little while ago and oh my, what an amazing inspirational experience! I loved Ilze Volman's Little Cakes cupcakes table. Wowie! It's almost too pretty to eat, but my friend Dani adopted a little bokkie cupcake (and then she ate it alive).

Creative Christmas

Almost Christmas time! Time to get all jolly and creative if you don't have lots of money to spend on things that you could have done yourself. So here are some cool ideas from Attic 72.  Pretty cards and wrapping paper and other things to feast your eyes on. T'iz the season +)


Pom Pom necklace

The vamoose is an online shop and has really cool handmade jewellery and accessories.  I think these pom poms are lovely +) Lets get one!

Maria Francesca Pepe

Maria Francesca Pepe is an Italian Fashion Designer. I absolutely love her Fall/Winter 2011 collection. You must take a look at the rest of her designs. The wolf is my favourite.


My Love

So this is the first time my boyfriend <3 shows his face on my blog +) This was a photo I took a little while ago at the Vaal River. First swim of the summer! (we don't get out much)

Colby June Jewellery

I love these organic rings by Colby June. See more of her things on her website or at her Etsy shop.

Cards for complicated people

Anna Fraser makes beautiful watercolour cards. Each card is individually handpainted. "Cards for complicated people are original ideas designed for people who lead a life of many, sometimes not very perfect, layers." Check out the rest of her cool card collection at Cards for Complicated People.

Good things

Haoshi Design Studio believes in the good things in life. The have a really interesting jewellery range called the Animal Series. "A series of animals in the city can represent the emotions of urban people. Every animal has it's habitual behaviors and stories." See this, including other ranges by Haoshi (Good Things).

From Wolves

I went to Wolves Café with 2 lovely friends over the weekend. I love everything on the book shelve. Especially these two antique porcelain horses <3 So I thought I'd post some eye candy for you two. Unlike the amazing cake, these don't make you fat.


What I wore today

How cool is this? The whole website is about this little lady (Rachel Levit) and what she (or her friends) wears on a specific day. I think it's such a cute idea +)  see all her drawings at what I wore today.


Embroidered jewellery

I haven't seen anything like this. I'm crazy about these embroidered accessories from Spinthread. Would love to get my hands on one of them! Each piece is embroidered by hand +) wowie

Chocolate Creative

Chocolate Creative is all about beautiful handmade textiles and homeware. Great Etsy shop and even cooler blog <3

Louise Body wallpaper

Louise Body has an amazing collection of wallpaper and fabric designs. Visit the website to see the whole range of prettiness.

Ladak blankets

These  are so cool. They took those really cheap, super warm blankets (you usually buy at PEP for R35) and turned it into something really pretty. Each blanket is unique and 15% of the procedes goes to a shelter for the homeless. Go to LADAK to see more.

Vintage inspired laptop bags

Pretty laptop bags for everyone! There are some ugly laptop bags out there and that makes me love these even more! See more bags and things from Track and Field here.


More pretty pictures from 99c Dreams. I love this website too much <3


Polyvore outfits

Pretty outfit ideas from Polyvore. This is an endless site full of amazing things. You can search pages and pages of sunglasses or explore the outfits they put together for you and see exactly where they got them from. WARNING: this one is addictive!

Owl Bandages

I was on the Urban Outfitters website to look at some cool fashion trends, but instead I found this. It made me happy. They have a whole list of cool cheap gift ideas here. Such cute things.

All things Haas

I was looking for a specific porcelain "haas" on the internet. Sadly didn't find it =( But i did find these to entertain you with. Random rabbits I found all over the place.

Flights of Fancy

I stumbled across this while searching for some cool ideas for a wedding invitation I'm designing. Flights of Fancy is a lovely wedding blog full of great ideas<3

Spinster Summer

I absolutely love this Etsy shop! Spinster Summer is full of great illustrations and fun pet portraits. Very random = super +)

In the Fashion Loop

Did you know that Mr Price has an amazing blog? Full of awesome things +) It's called "In the fashion loop". Yeay! Check it out here.

Dear rae jewellery

I saw the work of this lovely lady at the Hyde Park Design, Food and Wine festival. It's so delicate and so cute. She has a whole range of beautiful handmade jewellery. See more on her website Dear rae.