▲ Birthday partytjie

It was my birthday on 23 June, and what a blessed and spoilt day it was! Not only did I marry the most amazing man, he also organised me the most amazing cake :) We went away with 6 of our friends and had such a lekker partytjie. The cake or shall I say THE cake, was baked by Chocola.j in Northcliff, JHB. If you ever need anything baked, call these ladies. It was seriously a next level of pretty deliciousness <3 Rainbow in my belly.

▲ Red Oker

Crazy about these handmade leather bags by local Red Oker. I have to get my hands on one of these! You can visit their website redoker.com to see the whole collection of awesomeness and order yourself one (or two). Nice work guys!

▲ André & Marelie wedding invitation

I recently designed a wedding invitation for two of my friends, André & Marelie, who are getting married in September. I just LOVE doing wedding invitations! They are full of love and happiness and colour and pretty ribbons. It's the beginning of the most amazing celebration and I get to design it :) If you want me to design a wedding invitation for you, contact me <3 xxx (And a million thanks for my friend Karlien who took the pictures happeningscaptured.blogspot.com)


▲ Quack-quack

I haven't been quite as excited about a gift in a long loooong time (except for my engagement ring ofcourse)! My super cool mom bought me these at an Antique market a little while ago, and I can't get enough of them. I think they are so rad. Happiness in a duck :) Now I just need to fix my 3 flying ducks for the wall <3 Thanks mom!


▲ Pyrex Collective

Yes! It is true. A whole website dedicated to Pyrex! How cool is that :) Love the old school patterns and designs on them and all the happy colours. It's super! Visit the website for pages and pages of pyrex! hihi, so random.

▲ A day in the life of

Hi friends. Take a look at my 'Day in the life of' feature on MOINOI blog. Love your face x

▲ OOAK clutch

I was recently introduced to the amazing work of Shannon South. I especially love the colourful clutches! REMADE in the USA is a line of leather and suede bags and accessories made one at a time in their studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, just across the river from Manhattan, NY. Each bag is handmade, using leather that comes from vintage clothing. You can look at more of these lovely clutches and other lovely things at her online shop Shannon South. Much love <3


▲ The 1st Giveaway!

I'm so very excited to present to you the very 1st giveaway! This is possible thanks to super talented illustrator/graphic designer lady Roulé le Roux from Cape Town. I fell in love with Mr Hat & Ms Hair and she was kind enough to send me a lovely parcel to give away to you guys!

It consist of: 1. A fillable brush pen 2. Drawing/writing pen with extra nibs 3. Pot of black India ink 4. Pack of 12 Mr Hat & Ms Hair postcards as well as some paper envelopes.

All you need to do it leave a comment and your name will be in the draw :) It doesn't matter where in the world you are, you are welcome to enter! You can visit her website Roulé le Roux to see more of her lovely work and how she's making the creative world a better place! <3



▲ Vamp Furniture

I'm totally in love with everything in the Vamp store. These are the things that I dream about at night! The store is in Woodstock, Cape Town, but you can take a look at all the amazing things they have on their website. So much of super-wowie <3

▲ Cross-stitch cookies

Super duper giant plate of cross-stitch cookies! I think this is such a rad idea. Maybe I should make this for my birthday <3 but now what about the my unicorn rainbow cake? Hmmmm, decisions decisions.. This cool idea is from Design Sponge.