▲ met Liefde

I introduced you to my little side project 'met Liefde' a little white ago and I thought that I'd keep you up to date with what we're doing and show you a few new products :) It's been really great so far and we're loving every single moment of it. We're having little intimate house markets and preparing for a big market that will be in Joburg at the end of October. We're also taking online orders (in SA only) so if you are interested you can visit the met liefde Facebook page and take a closer look. You can email metliefde.lia@gmail.com or metliefde.claudia@gmail.com for a pricelist. Happy day <3


▲ Lemolo

Lemolo is a dream-pop due from Seattle. You need to be in a seriously chill mood to listen to this ;) I LOVE it <3 You can listen to all their dreamy tunes on Soundcloud.


▲ Protea cupcakes

My mom surprised me with these deliciously beautiful Protea cupcakes on my birthday. Proteas are by far my favourite flowers and I couldn't believe my eyes when she placed these beauties as a centre piece on the dinner table. Almost to lovely to eat... but we ate it anyway ;) Best mom ever! x