▲ Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims in an illustrator based in the beautiful Stellenbosch. I absolutely love her work! Her illustrations are inspired by "Movies, conversations, memories.  A need for a space to pretend, perform and play, a space to vent unspoken irritations and desires, and a space to make observations of the world around me." Design Indaba did an interview with her, you can read all about it here. Also visit her blog to see what she's working on.


▲ Funky Bunny

I absolutely love everything about this shoot and I just had to share it with you! It's so pretty and perfect it looks edible ;) The styling, the colour combinations, boy, I can't stop looking at it! Everything is such a miss match, but still creates perfect harmony. I found it here Hey Funky Bunny. x


▲ met Liefde Giveaway

Happy Friday! met Liefde has their 1st giveaway up and running! You can go to the Facebook page to enter :) This giveaway is  open to our South African fans only. But if you are not a local you can still like the page and follow @metLiefde_ on twitter to be inspired with the prettiness and what we get up to! xxx


▲ Miniature, Rome

On our recent trip to Italy my love and I were strolling the beautiful streets of Rome and we stumbled upon these guys playing a set on the main road. This lady has the voice of an angel and I couldn't help but sit down and listen for a while.  Miniature is a folk duo that reinterpret classics in their own unique style. I would love to hear some original songs from these guys! Love their sound :)