▲ Ceramic Factory

I visited Ceramic Factory on their opening day a little while ago and I was like a kid in an ice-cream shop :) Everything is to die for! We left with a ceramic robot man, and owl, a little bull scull and plenty more beautiful things on my wish list. The shop is in Linden, JHB, 59 4th Avenue. If you are planning on going, go with pockets full of money 'cause you'll want everything! Don't say I didn't warn you :)


▲ Simone le Roux

This is such an amazing project by Simone le Roux. This lady also studied Graphic Design at the North West University, SA and this was one of her final year projects. Such an inspiration. Got me all exited about design again! In her own words: "These creatures were originally created as part of a series of soft sculptures for my final year Illustration exhibition at the North West University. The concept behind the series "Friends with Benefits" focused on creating prototype creatures that would make perfect companions for people who suffer from various disorders." You can visit her Behance site here.

▲ Mike van Heerden

Love your work mr Mike van Heerden! Beautiful wood work and 3D graphic design from this Durban designer. His pop up shop also won best stand at a previous Design Indaba, I can see why. Very very nice to look at ;) Looks like he's having so much fun  <3