▲ Kaye Blegvad Illustration

Oe! Just before I go.. you have to see these :) Lovely ladies brushing their hair, sitting on chairs, happy cats and other pretty pictures. How lovely Kaye Blegvad. Happy blogspot! Happy holidays! Merry Christmas! Be blessed xxx love and more love :)


▲ Urbanears

How you like my new ears?! Got these from the iStore. My happy place :) Merry Christmas to me!

▲ Datter Industries

Totally in love with these beauties by Kaye Blegvad of Datter Industries. All the foxes, arrows and eerie things take me to a hunting fairytale far far away into the snowy woods... So nice! Buy it here.


▲ Karlien's Baby Shower

A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of organizing my friend Karlien's Baby Shower. Baby Adriaan is due in February, so it was just appropriate to throw them a party. I had so much fun planning it, I had to learn very quickly about how all these baby things work, as I'm still very clueless in this field of expertise. I guess there's a first time for everything :)

I decided not to do a typical baby theme party, but rather to add a few nice quirky touches. I made moustache straws and props like a pipe, hats and glasses. I also made little bow ties as favours and used those amazing wooded picnic knives and forks and decorative paper straws for a pretty touch. Happy that everyone had a good time <3 Here are some of the pictures I took on the day. Also see my DIY tutorial on the Bow Ties a few posts down. xxx


▲ Friday Playlist #5

Ola friends! Right click on the LISTEN button to play the song via youtube or soundcloud :)

Don Broco - Actors - LISTEN

Deaf Havana - Little White Lies - LISTEN

The Plastics - Stereo Kids - LISTEN

Kishi Bashi - Bright Whites - LISTEN

Don Broco - Yeah Man Acoustic - LISTEN

Chew Lips - Hurricane - LISTEN

Snowmine -  This one - LISTEN

Marbert Rocel - Song for you - LISTEN


▲ Michelle Chang

Beautifull jewellery by Michelle Chang. Love the mystical feel of her work and the fact that she combine the rugged look with diamonds :) Now that's what I'm talking about! My idea of bling baby! xxx


▲ Gift Paper Book

Love this idea from Frankie magazine :) A Gift Paper book! How super. I could so do with one of these. The book consists of 10 Sheets 50's inspired pattern designs. Always something to wrap and I always take wrapping so seriously hihihi. All you need with these is contrasting washi tape. So nice! x


▲ DIY Bow Ties

I made these cute little bow tie favours for my friend's baby shower that was a little while ago. She's expecting a boy and I decided that all the ladies that were invited needed a bow tie & moustache :) To see the Step by Step of how I made these click on the READ MORE button below xxx

▲ Secret Santa

Look what secret Santa got me! Love my new peacock earrings <3 Thanks friend xxx

▲ Martine

Lovely handcrafted leather wallets, business card holders, clutches and handbags. Basic uncomplicated prettiness with a special touch. My kind of pretty :) You can visit the Martine Etsy Shop here. Happy day!


▲ Fabric Design & Illustration

Oh boy! I can't get enough of this little lady's work. Leah Reena Goren is definitely one of my favourite illustrators. Love the simple lines and uncomplicated shapes. It's so unpretentious and just absolutely beautiful! Check out her blog for more nice things :) Pretty <3


▲ Nice Space

I really like what these guys have done with their apartment. Always plenty of nice pictures on their communal little blog A Future Present. One day when I grow up I will also design the fabric for our curtains & tote bags and do all the art on our walls myself. Oh wait! And my wardrobe, yes that as well. I will make what ever my heart desires ad it will fit perfectly :) So inspiring this little lady. Happy day! xxx