▲ Betty

Crazy about these vintage design Betty magazine covers! They just added some happiness, and the happiness will be shared today ;) You can visit Betty Magazine to see what they are all about, because I'm actually not sure… I just liked the covers x

▲ The Artful Desperado

I recently discovered the super inspiring Artful Desperado and I just can't get myself off his blog. These are photos he posted as part of an Energising Tea recipe. I love his styling and photography treatment, it got me all excited! If you would like to see the actual recipe and not only drool over the photos, click here. Make sure to visit The Artful Desperado for endless amounts of creative awesomeness ;)


▲ Mister Zimi

I love the setting and styling of this shoot so much! All the shapes, colours and pineapples are making it really hard for me to look away. Oh, and the clothes are really nice too :) Beautiful things from Mister Zimi. Modern Australian design meets Balinese. Yes please!


▲ Lexi Frame

I recently met this lovely lady and I just have to share some of her music with you. You can visit her website here and listen to all the songs on her Soundcloud page. Watch this space... this sweet voice is going places x

"Lexi Frame is a Capetonian-based songstress. Her sound has an acoustic pop base, but is far from innocent. Think strong melodies and good harmonics, with a cheeky, feisty and sometimes melancholy twist – she calls it “rebel pop”.
Lexi writes about everything from big fleeting crushes to reckless one-night-stands and isn’t shy to admit that it all comes from personal experience. “We all make the same mistakes and feel the same highs. I just want people to know they’re not alone in it.”


▲ met Liefde Photoshoot

Claudia and I had so much fun shooting a few met Liefde pics with my friend, Karlien from Happenings. We realised we have no photos of the 2 of us together - scandal - and that we just had to put a face (or faces) to our little business, met Liefde. So here we are :) And no, there was no Brandy in the Coke x

▲ Blue Cats

I'm loving these Blue Cat ceramic dishes by Leah Reena Goren. So flippen cute. I'll always have room in my house for any of her work :) Makes me so happy every time. You can buy these from her Etsy Shop. x