Chalkboard paint!

So many things you can do with super awesomeness chalkboard paint. I love this table! Found it on Design Sponge. Great website for creative interior ideas (and rocking chalkboard tables) +)

Tea Party

I found this Tea Party engagement session on The Wedding Chicks blog. A really stunning idea for an engagement shoot. This beautiful photography is done by Three Nails Photography. I think this shoot is so lovely, must put a heart <3




Stitchograpie specializes in luxurious hand-stitched art and chic design. These pieces are easy to frame for some really cute wall art. You can custom design your own. I love stitched typography. It makes me feel all nice on the inside.


Super Duper

I love this pic of Angie and Shane. Probably the coolest creative married couple in Jozi. I saw this pic on Angie's blog, Lucky Pony. It's a treat! They also own Wolves Café in Illovo. If you haven't been there YOU MUST GO!

One Lovely Day

So today 2 of my friends are getting married <3 Looking so very forward to it! I found this photo on the One Lovely Day - project wedding blog. I hope that you too will have yourself one lovely day today x

Elaine Ho Jewellery

Elaine Ho's lovely work is all about stunning silver jewellery and leather accossories. Here is a really cool antlers necklace from her Roadkill range. Loads of pretty things with a twist. You'll like it, I'm sure +)

Ann He Photography

I got these lovely photographs off Ann He's portfolio. She has some really beautiful shots and a great eye for prettiness and lighting. Check them out <3


Vintage Carpet Bag

What a pretty-pretty bag! I found this carpet style coin purse from CaptainCat's shop. There are other really cool vintage finds and things and things for you to look at.

Pretty Party

 I found these super pretty bridal shower pics on Ruffled. A great blog for creative wedding ideas and other pretty things to indulge your eyes on.

Lovely Crochet

The Re Rae Etsy shop is all about crochet, knits and cross-stitch with a modern day translation that is fresh and a little edgy. I love this shoppie <3 Patterns and oh so cool products.


d-luxe jewellery

In love with d-luxe's 3 jewellery collections. This particular collection, Costumes & Crystals, is my favourite. Karie and Megan comes from an architecture background and I think that is making their work even more interesting and different from the rest <3

Samuel Bradley

I love Samuel Bradly's photography. The man is incredibly talented and his photos is much thought after. I especially love the vintage feel and the contrast between man and nature in his taxidermy sets. You can also see more of his photos here.


Tattoo Love

I was searching for some cool tattoo ideas and then I stumbled upon this pretty lady. There's a whole bunch of tattoo pics in this flickr group. Also see Ink Butter for more tattoo awesomeness.


The Sweetest Occasion

Thought I'd put a little sequins bling to your Friday. I found the 1st image from The Sweetest Occasion and the second one from 99c Dreams. Hope you have something nice to look forward to this weekend!

For the weekend...

Happy Friday +)  Pic from Brainstorm.


Decor8 is a really stunning blog for decorating ideas, beautiful interior, art and design. So many pretty things for your little homey space <3

Cool Collage

I love the random collage artwork of Lizzy Janssen.  Really nice textures, colours and animals. Hehe, they will make you smile, promise. Go see!


Cute Clutches

I love these clutch bags from Davie and Chiyo's Etsy shop. Silk, flowers, bows and pretty lace. Nothing but pretty awesomeness.

One little red fox

I love pretty parcels <3 These are from One little red fox.

My best friend

So this is my super talented best friend Francois +) He is a singer and songwriter and is just amazing at what he does! He recently went for a photo shoot at Calculated style Photography. Take a squiz at the rest of the super photos here. You can listen to his music on his myspace page and visit his personal website here. Love you friend <3


All you need is a little Love xox

Happy Valentines day <3 Hope the day is full of pretty things and lots of loveliness! These pic are from Urban Pink Photography.


Love Day

Coming soon to a 14 February near you <3  This pic also via Freckle Farm.

Freckle Farm

"Freckle Farm is a visual journey of daily life, random thoughts and inspirational finds." I just love this poster +) there are some cool things in the Art category as well. Maybe I'll just post you one...


The Cherry Blossom Girl

The cherry blossom girl is full of amazing pictures and inspiration. I just wanted to post everything. There are lots and lots and lots and lots. And it's colour coded. Yeay!

Un Beau Jour

Un Beau Jour is a French blog full of really nice wedding ideas and pretty photography. I can't read much, but I prefer looking at pictures anyway +)

Papaya art

"At PAPAYA! you will find an exciting spectrum of fine lifestyle, stationery, and gift items where urban boho chic meets art as inspiration." Really lovely things for you to see!

All the luck in the world

Vintage design, collectables, art and crafting is all what this lovely blog is all about. All the luck in the world is packed with really nice things. Go look <3


'strue that

From Baubauhaus to you, for today.

Mayfly Designs

Mayfly Designs are really stunning handmade jewellery. I love the fabric and the detail and just how everything is combined and put together. I think these are really stunning, but there's much more!

Ink butter

Jip, I'm having a bit of a tattoo itch again, and this amazing tattoo is not helping with my situation. From Inkbutter.

Automatic Loveletter

I recently discovered the band, Automatic Loveletter. This is a really pretty picture of leadsinger Juliette Simms. Take a listen here. Love this song <3

Super Duper!

Super Duper Things is a super cool blog/shop. Lovely handmade jewellery and things and things to make you happy +)


Bunny suit! Yeay

I don't want to be funny and all and all, but lets grab an animal costume and go for a photoshoot! It's so pretty. Too much of fun +) Bunny suit awesomeness is from another awesome place called Valfre.


Love, obsess, inspire

I found this piece of the JCrew Fall look book from Love, Obsess, Inspire. Love the look +) and the blog where I got it from.

The month of Love

Lots of love for everyone!! It's February already, and time to show some love <3 I found these lovelies on the Etsy page of super talented Rachael Novak. She puts a lot of love into her work. They're awesome. She also has a cool web page.