Serious eye candy from little miss Amy Scheepers. I absolutely love het blog, Fancypants. It's filled with beautiful photography, cute fashion and dreamy places. Also make sure to look at her photography  portfolio <3 too much nice :) x


▲ met Liefde Giveaway

T'is the season to give & share and met Liefde is feeling oh so generous! 

We're giving away 8 dipped Deer antler napkin rings to make your Christmas table look amazing. We're also sending a little something-something to a friend of the winner. NICE.

All you need to do is go to the met Liefde Facebook Page, COMMENT on the giveaway post (so we know who you are) + SHARE this giveaway with a friend on Facebook or on your timeline. Sharing is caring  Winner will be announced 12 Dec <3

South Africa only x 


▲ Yuna

Have you heard Yuna? I recently discovered this talented singer/songwriter from Malaysia and I absolutely love her 'organic blend of contemporary pop, acoustic folk and soulful R&B. Visit her website here.

Also have a listen to COLORS on youtube.


▲ Kim Kyung Soo

So this is what's inspiring me today. This visual feast for Vogue by photographer Kim Kyung Soo is making it extremely hard for me to look away. I'm in love with the colour and texture combinations, perfection, reflections and unexpected composition. This is beyond beautiful. Satisfied.