Oh, Snap!

Ooooh, stunning photography from the Oh snap! project. Loads of amazing pics from different artists. They also have some really cool t-shirts that you need to check out. Lekker +)

Big Heart

I love this sweater. It's very pink, with lots of heart... what is there not to love about it <3 So here it is, for you to look at. From we <3 it.

We heart tattoos

And there I was... looking for some cool tattoo ideas again. I stumbled across these pretty ones on the hunt. All of them from we <3 it.



I got this gift for a lovely friend of mine. It's made by another very talented friend, Claudia. She makes them in all different shapes and colours and then embroider a little design on them. I think they are so pretty! I will put up more of her work as soon as I can. Oh yes, Renier and I designed this logo and business card, Sjoe, that was a mouthful.

Asos online store

This online shop is insane! I couldn't stop, I almost poster every single pretty thing I saw, and there are loads! I haven't even looked at the bags and clothes yet. I just had to share this with you first. Here are some of the things I really loved <3 Visit Asos here.

Today is awesome

For you for today <3 from here.


Deer ring

Some animal love for your fingers! Everyone needs one! Love this deer ring <3 I saw it on La Dama online shop and here. An of course in these times of need we need the odd Charie Sheen t-shirt (also from La Dama).  Have yourself a lovely day +)

Imogen Luddy

I just can't get enough of this site. It's such a great idea. Supermarket Sarah creates these amazing themed walls of awesome things. You can click any item, and it will tell you exactly where to get it and how much it is <3 SUPER!


Tinashé, Saved

Super wowie! Extra hearts <3 <3 for this dude! I had no idea he existed, and therefor my life was incomplete. I was so pleasantly surprised this morning when i listened to his song, Saved. And after that I listened to his music the whole day! Thank you amazingly talented Tinashé for not being like everyone else and for making my Monday so lovely to listen to. Go ahead, be free, LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC!

I found this super interior from Design Sponge. It's the lovely home of Swedish stylist and photographer Elisabeth Dunker. See more on the website. Sure you will love it!

Fancy Treehouse

If i have a little bit of a weakness, rings would be it! Can never have enough.. ever! Forget about the earrings and the bracelets, rings are it! And what an amazing collection I found on Fancy Treehouse. This pretty lady has it all. Go and visit her cool blog <3


Luckyou Handmade

I saw these cute felt brooches at the Holmes Bros store, and a few days later I stumbled upon the website of the lady who makes them. Luckyou Handmade is amazing handmade things all the way from Durban.


Love Friday!

Have an absolutely wonderful Friday <3 xxx

Neighbourgoods Market

So guess what? Something similar the The Old Biscuit Mill in Cape Town is coming to Jozi soon! Super Yeay! Can't Wait. Nice things and nice food and all things nice. I think it's going to be close to 70 Juta street, but we still have a little while to wait. Watch this space.

Genevieve Motley

Must-haves! I've seen some of Genevieve Motley's jewellery around, but I had no idea that there were so many different ones. Like these 3. It's so super beautiful, i must get my hands on these. There are endless amounts of amazing things on her website, maybe order some while you are there <3


New album "The Red Blooded Years" for one of my favourite local bands, aKing. Check out their website, you can download the new single "run-around" for free! Yeay <3


Flowermill Gift Cards

Beautiful stationery design from Cape Town <3 I saw these the other day, and I just had to find out where they come from. I love them! So close to home, it makes me happy. Flowermill also does really cool gift wrapping and gifts and things and things.


Me & Yu

Got to love the sweatshirt, it's back +) I found these super duper ones via Supermarket Sarah (the coolest site i've came across in a long time). It's by Me&Yu. Really cool sweatshirts and t-shirts and things.

My new things

Yeay! So at last I got my table pretty <3 I bought the, oh so very floral, fabric for the tablecloth in my home town and added some lace on the sides to make it a bit more vintage (like the florals wasn't enough). I bought the vintage cups and saucers from different hospice and antique shops and just planted some cactus in them. They are a little too big for the cups, but they didn't have smaller ones. Hope you like it +)

And o design

Lovely porcelain jewellery from And o Design. Super sweet "hello" and pigeon brooches, bunny necklaces, arrows, hot air balloons and more awesomeness <3

We love typography

Yes we do! Especially if it's super pretty like this one <3 Endless amounts of amazing typography work from we love typography. Go and spend some time.

Holmes Bros

New discovery! Fresh from Durban, South Africa <3 I was walking in Rosebank mall over the weekend and spotted some newness in the corridor. I new shop called Holmes Bros and it's 100% local. I love those. So I asked the guy behind the counter if I can take a picture +)

Thou shall not...

I like this thought. Great way to start the day with! I found this great pearl of wisdom from Ylva Skarp's website. Some cool things and some I don't understand <3


Super Duper Things

More lovely handmade jewellery from Super Duper. I love all these pretty things. Rabbit brooch is on pink leather <3 lets take a moment to love it even more!


My China

Loving My China Ceramics <3 Frances Kierman runs her ceramics studio from the heart of Muizenberg, South Africa. Lovely line-drawings of fynbos, animals and lots of love on beautiful cups, bowls and other amazing things.

Emerald + Ella

I've been wondering where on earth to find these. Well, HERE! Super pretty thick straws, cute tags and other amazing party things that you always see on pictures but never have an idea where to find it! Hope you are as happy about this as I am +)

Marc Johns

I'm crazy about Marc Johns's Serious Drawings. They are the most random and most wonderful drawings. And there's so many of them! Here are two of my favourites from his "Things with antlers" range.


Dottie Angel

I was so excited when I discovered the super amazing work of "Dottie Angel". Dottie Angel is the alter-ego of Tif (the creative brain behind it all). Dottie Angel has a book coming out soon. Read more about that here. Too much of lovely things on her blog. Go spend some time <3

Acido Photography

I really enjoyed looking at this lady's photography and I must say, there's so many I couldn't go through it all, but here are some of my favourites <3 You can scroll through the rest on her Flickriver. Maybe make some coffee before you do...

City and Colour

I love this photo of Dallas Green! You might know him from the band Alexisonfire, but he also have a solo album City and Colour. Love his music (and his tattoos) <3


Gold Reef City

We went to Gold Reef City for Renier's birthday. What a super fun day!! We had candy floss and soft serve and things and more awesomeness <3 we didn't win a teddy though.. although we tried really hard.


Gerren Lamson

Venn by pen range by Gerren Lamson. Super cool illustrations on tea-stained paper. I love these diagrams <3 see the whole range of illustration awesomeness.

Nina in vorm

Stunning vintage plates with screen printed modern design. I love this idea and I thing the two different designs marry so nicely +) Beautiful porcelain plates, cups etc from Nina in vorm. So so pretty <3


Total life Forever

Song of the day! Total Life Forever by The Foals. Listen to it here. Loving it over and over today <3 Image from Tin Head.

Alli Coate

I found Alli Coate on Dripbook. She is such a cool illustrator. I really love her embroidery work too, it's so much fun +) You can visit her personal website here.


Romantic photography from fuck yeah romantic. Nice love photography as well as some really cool fashion pics in between. I love these two. Birdie + flower = <3

White Owl Lace

Really beautiful lace jewellery by White Owl. Vintage & lace makes for really pretty pieces. There's  a lot of really cool necklaces and earings <3


Crosses & Hats

Cool fashion photography from Crosses and Hats. Love it so much! I found the cool triangle ring from the Diament Design Etsy shop. Crazy about the simple jewellery lately +) you can find a bit of everything at this shop.

Wayne White Art

This made me smile today +) I hope you like it too. It's just so random and cool. Visit Wayne White's website for much and much more of these.

Fun in Parys

We had such a fun weekend in Parys. It's a very small, little gem town in the Freestate. Most of the town is antique shops and cute little restaurants. Oh what fun! I bought a pretty little antique cup and saucer. Will put it up later +)


Scout & Catalougue

Pretty handmade leather bags combined with lace or florals. These are so stunning! See more of these bags and other nice things at Scout & Catalougue.

Emma Hearts

Discovered some really cool fashion and lifestyle pics on Emmahearts's blog. Lovely things to feast your eyes on. Something similar that is also really cool is the Crosses and Hats blog. Visit that one too <3


My Swan necklace

I love it <3

Fox in a box

Super cool wooden Fox in a box! From the Enormous Champion shop. There are lots of cool cards and other wooden animals in boxes +)

Oh dear Megan

My friend showed me her super stunning Springbok Button ring last night. Her husband bought it for her at the Design Indaba in Cape Town. I love it! It's by Oh dear Megan and you can buy it online at the Spence shop. She has other really cool pieces on the site. Must see <3

Bird and Bear things

Happily happily +)  How cool are these hand embroidered fabrics! What a lovely and light hearted happy thing to look at. Lots of linen wall art and tablecloths. Some is embroidered on vintage fabrics to make it even more interesting. There's much more at the Bird and Bear shop. Check them out.


Typography Served

I just liked this pic and I wanted to share it with you +) Typography Served is an amazing website for great typography. This specific one is by Berliner Mauer. Happy day.


Marquis & Camus

Marquis & Camus have the most amazing jewellery. They looked into the past and created some really beautiful pieces for the modern future. I wanted to post everything, but that would just be stupid. Do yourself a favour and visit the site and look at all the ranges they have to offer.

Love, well styled

Feast your eyes, this super pretty dessert table is 100% fat free if you just stare at it... You can indulge in more cool things from Grey likes weddings. I feel like a sweetie now.