▲ Honest Chocolate

Honest Chocolate is good for you! No really, it is :) And boy is it gooooooood. Handcrafted, organic chocolate all the way from Cape Town. You can get your hands on these at the Neighbourgoods Market or at a few selected health shops in JHB and Cape Town. Read more about these two hotties, Anthony & Michael, making you nice chocolate for you with their bare hands <3

▲ AE Outfitters

Pretty hair accessories and other nice things from American Eagle outfitters. I like the feathers :) It's nice. More cool things on the website if you would like a bit of a shop x


▲ Lazy Sundays

We spent last Sunday on the 'lawn' at Marks Park (Emmerentia). Super lazy day just chilling in the sun and watching some super local bands. Keep an eye out for more of these at Large on the Lawn. Lekker <3



MIKADO was started by 2 lovely South African creative ladies and is all about creative stunning wallpaper, vinyl wall decals and wrapping paper. I'm absolutely and totally & utterly in love with all these beautiful things x

▲ Gift Shop Brooklyn

Wow, I love this shop! Gift Shop Brooklyn is all about stunning handmade leather clutches, inky silk scarves & other fancy things. It only makes me want want want <3


▲ Kim Longhurst

I really enjoy these illustrations by Kim Longhurst. So unexpected and full of happiness. This lady is an Durban based artist who is expressing herself in various exciting media such as embroidery, ceramics jewellery etc. I found her via the amazing cretive site It's what I'm into. Be sure to visit :)

▲ My super hot husband

On 11 March my husband was on the cover of the Rapport magazine, My-tyd. Yes, I'm a proud wife :) Thought I'd share it with you. (he's the one on the left). How super!


▲ Therese Sennerholt

Really cool black and white prints from Therese Sennerholt. Cute postcards and notebooks and things to frame. It's nice :)


▲ Aubin & Wills

Mmmmmh nice outfit ideas from Aubin & Wills. Time to start changing that wardrobe again for Autumn is on the way. Feeling the chill already... Dress warm & pretty xxx

▲ Leah Reena Goren

I must say I am quite inspired after I visited this lady's website. Leah Reena Goren is a NY based illustrator full of amazing ideas of flowers, patterns & cats that she puts on paper with watercolour. You can visit her etsy shop and buy yourself something pretty.

▲ kikki.K

I discovered kikki.K on Changi airport while we were waiting for our transfer flight to Bali. Such sweet stationery and happy items for everyday use. This shop will make your  busy office life and chaotic desk a better place, guaranteed!


▲ Sparrow Nest Script

Such lovely (eco-friendly) cards and things from Sparrow Nest Script. Happy calligraphy paper goods for happy people! Mwah <3


▲ Ceramic Rabbit Nightlight

I really think my new home needs one of these rabbit nightlights <3 I love people that create stuff like this for people like us! Want it? Order it here.

▲ The Vamoose

Oh my greatness look at these! Such amazing jewels & things from The Vamoose. It only makes me want want want <3

▲ David Krynauw

We discovered David Krynauw when we went to the Hyde Park Food Wine Design a little wile ago. What an inspiring dude van die plaas. Love his work so much, we started saving for a 'Little man' lamp. MUST have at least one!

▲ The start of great 'Happenings'

A little while ago my super awesome friend, Karlien came to me with a bucket full of exciting new ideas. She decided to pursue her passion in photography and I had to design a Corporate Identity and blog for her. A little while later "Happenings" was born! She was one of my bridesmaids and took some photos of me behind the scenes while I was getting ready. You can take a look at the pics here happeningscaptured.blogspot. Just go to Zandberg wedding :) Love your work my friend <3


▲ It's alive!!

Okay, so that took a little bit longer than I thought, BUT I'M BACK. I'm married, I'm honeymooned, I've resigned and started a little home with my amazing husband! I have so much to share, so watch this space :) It's good to be back <3 Oh yes, and I upgraded my spot a little, hope you like it!