▲ Zietsies Guest House


End of June can only mean one thing, Birthday Party! I've been wanting to go to Zietsies (in Brixton, JHB) for a long long time now, and this year was the year. We had a little cosy breakfast one cold Sunday morning and boy it was so much fun and the venue couldn't have been more perfect! The Glass Cage is a beautiful little dining area with a lovely view, chandeliers, plastic swans and a piano. We had an exquisite breakfast and a fantastic time. You can book Zietsies for breakfast, dinner or lunch. You can have a private function or just a small 'do' for two. Visit the website to see more :)


▲ Bye Beneco

These guys blew my socks off :) Love this song! Such a super duper band from Jozi. You can visit their Facebook page here to see where and when they're playing and listen to the other demo's on the Bye Beneco website. Support local music <3

▲ Berta Models

Such a clever campaign for Berta Models in Barcelona, showing that fashion photography will just be clothes without any models. I really love how this is put together! Very unexpected for a modelling agency :) I stumbled upon this prettiness here.


▲ Paul Coconut

Introducing Guy, Alfred, Jimmy and Steeve. They just hang around quietly and hold on to your things. They're AMAZING!! I think I'm in love with 4 guys at once. Have to have them! You can buy them ons the Paul Coconut website :)

▲ Agi & Sam for Topman

I'm so inspired by this amazing Art Direction, I just had to share it with you! Topman's new collection by Agi & Sam. Beautiful bright colours and unexpected prints. Fluffy owls, angry owls, baby owls, sophisticated owls all boasting against the tropical blue backdrop. They got their inspiration from football sports kits and the prints are all owl inspired with feather, egg shell and nesting prints. This is all over surprising!


▲ Yellow Owl Workshop

Absolutely beautiful pendant collection by Yellow Owl Workshop. I can get all excited about wearing a terrarium or canning jar around my neck :) So só cute! But it doesn't stop there, they also package their products very cutesy making it all and all a super experience <3


▲ Friday Playlist #8

(Right click on the LISTEN button and open via youtube or Soundcloud)

Walk the moon - Next in line - LISTEN

St Lucia - Closer then this - LISTEN

Jakkals - Somewhere too - LISTEN

Autre ne Veut - Counting - LISTEN

Kodaline - Love like this - LISTEN

Foals - Inhaler - LISTEN

Empire of the sun - Alive - LISTEN

Is Tropical - Dancing anymore - LISTEN

Rosie and ME - Old Folks - LISTEN

Washed Out - It all feels right - LISTEN

Gotye - Hearts a mess - LISTEN

original bird image from Raceytay


▲ Kate Rowland

Wonderful wooden gems from Kate's little store. She gets her inspiration from her favourite TV shows and films, illustrate them and make these cute wood jewellery. Today they brought a bit of sunshine to my heart <3


▲ My Dear Paper + Things

 Beautiful illustrations by Allison Freund for My Dear Paper + Things. I love the cut paper illustration technique that she used through the whole product line. Lots of patience for a LOT of pretty! Absolutely wonderful & heart warming <3