▲ 20 April Pop Up Shop - Parkhurst

I'm so very excited to announce our 1st Pop Up Shop for 'met Liefde'. So dear Jozi, if you're around please pop in for a 'Hi' and a bite and have a look around at all the beautiful things on display. Amazing jewellery by coal&co & Dahlia, illustration by Jeanne Fleming and much more :) Looking forward to seeing you there xxx


▲ Introducing: met Liefde

I am so very, extremely, totally and utterly excited to finally show you what have been keeping me so busy. Drumroll......... Introducing, met Liefde. Met Liefde is a little business that my friend Claudia and I started together. And now let me tell you what it's all about:

We like pretty things. We believe in love, bunting, happily ever after and home sweet home. Met Liefde means “with love”. Each unique piece is handcrafted with lots of love and made from the exact amount of sugars you like in your tea. We think our creations are quite lovely indeed, and we hope you like them too.

Met Liefde makes napkin rings and napkins to match, coasters, fridge magnets, placemats, bamboo utensils and table runners to make your kitchen lovely. Met Liefde is not just made with love, but given with love too. Speak to us about special gifts for special friends and wedding favours for special days.

We are very excited about our little journey and all that lies ahead! We have a Facebook page up and running, so feel free to browse around and if you like what you see please do 'Like'. If you have any questions you can send us a mail at metliefde.lia@gmail.com or metliefde.claudia@gmail.com. Pop-up shop coming soon! I'll keep you posted xxx


▲ Friday Playlist #7

(Right click on the LISTEN button and open via youtube)

Al Bairre - When I was tall - LISTEN

Don Broco - Whole Truth - LISTEN

Little Daylight - Overdose - LISTEN

Alcoholic Faith Mission - Legacy - LISTEN

Now Now - Wolf - LISTEN

Chvrches - Recover - LISTEN

The Dollfins - In my head - LISTEN

Marble Sounds - Time to sleep - LISTEN


▲ Soil Design

Beautiful premium canvas bags by Soil Design, Cape Town. These lovely bags have real leather straps and the most amazing illustrated prints. Love the local wallpaper feel they created with the fabric. This is so definitely on my to have list! So pretty <3