William & Kate kiss

In the Royal Wedding feverness of things, here's an original photo off SABC3. Luckily the boss was amazing enough to organize a tv for us for the day <3 Yeay! We almost missed out.

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We heart pink

Just a bunch of lovely pink pictures i like from we <3 it. Happy Friday everyone! x Hope your day is full of love and happiness <3


Hearty Cupcakes

Make your boring cupcake lovely like this <3 I love easy DIY and of course anything that has a heart on it. Very cool things from pilli pilli.


I heart shoes

I heart <3 shoes! I've seen some around and I really feel I should get some. They're so lovely. From top to bottom, this is where I found them: 1) Euro shoebox 2) Shoeper woman 3) Fashion Binge 4) Offbeat bride 5) Everything Shoes.

Love Mae wall decals

So crazy about these Love Mae wall decals <3 These reusable fabric wall stickers can be used on any surface and they won't damage your wall. You can also stick them on your laptop or windows or maybe stick them on your boyfriend. Hehe. How super!


Bunny Love

I hope everyone had an amazing Easter <3 I think I had enough easter eggs and hot cross buns for a year! We'll try again next time. Have a lovely day xox


Easter Cupcakes

Yummy Easter cupcakes in a jar from The Pretty Blog. Great DIY idea for you and a friend or maybe as a little easter gift <3 Hope you have a very special easter!! Lots of Love <3


Faces and so..

This wil be my very random post for today. The top brooch is a little something I bought from Kamersvol geskenke (which was a while ago), but I forgot about it a little and found it again this morning. And now i'm wearing it. Yeay +) the second one is a photo I took at a friends house last night. The last one is well... me <3

Knitted Taxidermy

These are so much cooler than the real deal. Nothing more creepy than a dead animal staring you right in the eyes. But these are fun and happy. And as Jozi winter is here (all of a sudden) I though i'd show you these snuggly trophies from lottie loves <3

Ready Go

So this is a great idea on how to make the ordinary very pretty. So simple, but so special. Love these little stick in flags and little details from Ready Go. Birthday things, wedding things or anything cool for a special day.

Lost is a place too

Beautiful things by Lauren Fowler <3 This lady is from Cape Town and is such a cool illustrator, designer and crafter. Love your stuff Lauren! You can visit her blog, Lost is a place too, here.


Tank Top things

Tank tops saying cool things +) I love them! I want them all. I found these in different places. Lets see... The 1st top is from this next. The 2nd one is from Victoria Pater and the 3rd one is from Polyvore. Happiness +)

Happy Easter cards

Lovely handmade Easter cards from Rifle Paper <3  Their stuff always makes me so happy! I think It's just too lovely.



I'm Loving Kayture's blog! You must must visit if you are crazy about fashion. She is also on Lookbook (that's where I found her). Love the style and the, well, everything. Too much of awesome xox

Giles & Brother

Anchors away! Still love them and that's a good thing 'cause they're everywhere! This pretty necklace and earings are from Giles and Brother. So pretty <3


Dani California

So this is my super pretty, super friend Dani. And that is a random awesome dog we took pictures of. I miss my friend today, that is why you are looking at her picture <3

Sit with me

Mr J.P Brouard, I dig your bench. It makes me happy and I want to sit on it +) Please invite me for some coffee and melktert so I can come over and be close to it. Thanks <3

Hello, Hey, Hi

Found this on Polyvore +)

Tortue Jewellery

The prettiest of pretties <3 I love these rings from Tortue (French for tortoise). Their mission is to bring you happiness and a smile with their wonderful work. I will be happy ALL the time if I had one of these.   They bring me happiness already and they are just on my screen.


Look what I found

I've been looking for something like this for so long. And there it was, in a little antique shop in Dullstroom just waiting for me. So much of happiness. Very vintage I know, but I just love it! I wonder who was the lady who sat in her chair, listening to RSG, sipping her cup of rooibos tea busy embroidering this precious new possession of mine <3

Selfridges Candy

Nothing prettier than candy in a glass jar <3 This would make a great gift. I saw this first on Eat, Drink, Chick but originally from the Selfridges online shop. There are some interesting things there (for rich people), but me, I just get inspiration +)

Bunting Love

So much of pretty bunting! I found these from Pony Rider <3 More pretty things like cushions, homeware and so and so. Take a peek.



We had such a lovely weekend away in Dullstroom. It was my cousin's wedding and it was so stunning! The wedding was on a beautiful horse farm and the ceremony was held between the tall trees. It was so special <3

Oh my goodie goodness

2000 visitors Today +) Yeay. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog <3 I like you here. Please pop in for a visit again and again and again. I love emails and comments too xxx


Dance, You're on Fire

I just love this band! Listen to Boxes of Tigers on their Myspace page. It's SuPeR! Visit the Dance, You're on Fire website to see what they're up to <3 You guys make Joburg proud +)


Ellie Niemeyer

Happy Friday everyone! Here are some lovely photos from Ellie Niemeyer. I just love how she photographs her friends <3 Take a look at her Flickr page, more amazing pics.

Cookie Love

Not the first time I come across these cookies <3 But today I just had to post them for you. They make me happy... and craving cookies. From Fryd + Design.


Presents for me

Yeay! My "Love More" plate arrived today +) from me, too me. So excited! I ordered it from BeKind at the Arts on Main Market. They have such lovely things. The website is not up and running yet, but watch the space.


Hayley Williams

When I grow up I want to be Hayley Williams +) I love this photo of her warped tattoo. If you have no idea who she is, she is the lead singer of Paramore. If you still don't know, listen to their stuff here.

Pretty Kitchen

I found these amazing items from Anthropologie. I've been looking all over for a cabbage bowl like that! I think my granny had one, but I have no idea where it is now! Love it! Must have one <3

Hello Friend

I think this DIY gift idea is so lovely! I found it on Hello, Friend. Such a great blog. Can't get enough today. A lot of DIY ideas (and lots of other lovely things) for everyone <3 Lets make some Hot Chocolate.


Punky bunny designs

Super cute rings from Punky Bunny Designs. You can personalize them and all and all +) what a pretty gift. Visit the site for more nice things like earrings and necklaces and even more rings <3

Skermunkil studio

I'm a big fan of Skermunkil. Will definitely pop into the shop the next time I find myself in Cape Town. Love the new porcelain bowls! Must have one!!

Eye Candy

I found these photos of Exhibit gallery & Shop (Durban) on J.P Bourard's blog, Eye Candy. I think they are so lovely. I want to go and play there now. Lots of other cool things on his blog as well. Be sure to make a visit +)


Christiaan's Birthday!

So today is not only April fool's day, but also my super awesome friend, Christiaan's birthday! That is him at the back cooking up a storm in his kitchen with his very lucky wife Karlien. Happy birthday friend!! He has a very yummy food blog of all the amazing things he makes. Visit Taste buds +)