▲ Out of order

Sorry I've been so quiet :( Planning a wedding and working like a slave is not my friend. But I will survive! Eyes on 18 February <3 I'm so excited I can't wait! I will show you the wedding invitations soon and all and all. Happy holidays!! MUCH LOVE!


▲ My Dear Rae ring!

My pretty pretty Dear Rae ring arrived yesterday in the post <3 I'm so super stoked! It's ALL the awesomeness my finger needs. Thanks miss Dear Rae and of course miss Lucky pony. LOVE xxx


▲ Our save the date! At last

So after a long battle with time and other things out of our control, our "Save the Date" is done! Yay! We made a little blog space for it <3 You are welcome to take a look at Yes Please Love to see the video. So excited! Feels like everything is falling into place slowly but surely. 4 Months to go! Eeeeeeek xxx

▲ Amazing colour. Can I eat it?

Dalla Riva's is the most amazing website. Chockers full of amazingly beautiful things and perfect colour. I want to eat it! Feast the face with prettiness <3


▲ Did I tell you love - shoot

This pretty picture is taken by my lovely friend Karlien +) This was while we were shooting our "Save the Date" shoot (it's almost done). I like this. Thanks friend <3 xxx love more

▲ Not on the High Street

Flamboyant Flamingo! I'm in love with these plates. I just want a set for my new little house. Lets add this to the wedding registry <3 Mine all mine. These lovely bone china plates and goodies are from Not on the High Street. Definitely a place worth visiting!

▲ Pretty Totes

If been a little busy with organising the wedding side of things, I don't have time to show you all the lovely things i find. Love these tote bags from The Wedding Chicks (yes that is where I spend most of my time, wedding blogs). You can customise them <3 How lovely!


▲ The Heyday shop

Such lovely handmade things from The Heyday Shop. Buttons and little pockets and bags and more and more crafty cuteness. Nice x


▲ Desember Streets - Fire Through the Window

Here's a koel tune for your Friday +) Love these guys! Desember Streets - Fire through the window. Very cool typography from here.

▲ Ross Garrett Exhibition

Super excited about Ross Garrett's exhibition tonight! Totally in love with his amazing photography. If you are in Jozi, come see. Here's the invite. Yay <3


▲ Menagerie Juice Glasses

How super duper are these juice glasses! Animal illustration in the front and a little cute message at the back. Sure it will be the best juice you'll ever have <3 I found these on Anthropologie xxx


L-L-Lady Things

Beautiful vintage spring photoshoot for Lyell. I found it here. I want that little heart tattoo! So pretty and barely there <3 Cool custom made concept bicycle. I hope they will do these for real. So classic x


A type of cushion

My puns, they are bad, I know. Hehe. The goat, he is random, I liked his face and that's why he is on this page. I think I found him on The Dieline. The super cool typography cushions is from Alexandra Ferguson. Love them! Take them home <3


I got mugged

I got this super predictable, but lovable mug in Parkhurst this weekend <3 I love it. I had to have it. I have it. Now I can drink my coffee. Nice.



I won!! I won I won I won! I'm so stoked+) I've been wanting this ring since the first time I saw it. I dream about it at night. Now, It's mine all mine. Thank you miss Angie from Lucky Pony. You are the best ever xxx Dear Rae on me little finger. Never going to take it off. Happy Friday.

The Pretty Stuff

These are to good to be true. Believe! What I would do to have one of these beauties around my neck <3  They're all from Anthropologie. A wonderful place that you MUST visit. It's nice there.

Decoy Lab

Cute things from Decoy Lab <3 I love the animal watches. Any shape and size. I want the cheesy horse one, and the owl, and the rabbit and and. Visit the Etsy shop to see more of the nice x

Recipe Cards

Super pretty illustrated recipe cards from Rifle Paper Co. I love these. I want them =) Great idea for a kitchen tea gift... hint-hint <3 Happy Day x


Play in the woods

We went to play in the "woods" yesterday. We wanted to check out the spot where we are planning to do our Save the Date photoshoot for our wedding. I think this will work. Yay! Excitement!! Now bring the REAL photographer please +) Super cool typography from Danielle Kroll. Love It.


Such awesomeness from Jordan Metcalf. Love these lazer engraved & die cut wood typography pieces. Need one for the new home coming soon! See more amazing work on his website. Much love <3


Love from Cape Town

It was so nice to actually spend some time away with my love this weekend. We had so much fun and once again Cape Town showed us the lovely side of things. Super times <3 Cool typeface from here.


Up up & Away

So this is me off to Cape Town for the Loerie Awards. Renier is up for 8 Loeries (holding thumbs) <3 Will see you on the other side x Cool typography from here. Happy weekend xxx

Blue Friday

Happy Friday! So today (the day before my little Cape Town break) I woke up with a sore throat =( Yes, I'm getting sick and I'm not happy about it! But at least I'm wearing my new shoes. Magically they will heal me and tomorrow will be a super duper day. Yes! Cool header from here.



These are too pretty for words <3 So I will shut-up and you can look at the lovely photography of Paul Schmidt. Nice

Pablo Lobo

Such happy cushions from Pablo Lobo <3 Wouldn't mind to have some on my couch or in the office or all over the place. Happiness.

Your Face!

I saw this super alphabet and I just had to do something with it! +) It's by Sergio Jiménez. I love his type treatments! Check it out on his website. And thanks for having such a nice face by the way x


Twenty Seven Names

How super are these! Who said you can't use your curtain for a dress? Love it. Maybe I can consider this for my bridesmaids, imagine the amazing photos! hehehe. I imagine they won't think it's such a cool idea. These lovelies from Twenty Seven Names.


Newtown KNIFE Gang: Exclusive Interview

I had the cool opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Newtown KNIFE Gang, "JHB's hottest new rock force". The band is made up of 5 super talented guys. Spencer Martin: Vocals | Nick Argyros: Drums & Vocals | Paul Norwood: Guitars | Warren Retief: Guitars | Gareth Norwood: Bass. I asked them a few questions, and this is what they had to say:

NICK: Melodic, in your face, heart felt with a twist of lemon?! 
GARETH: Heavy yet melodic with catchy sing along choruses? I dunno, progressive emo melodic grunge rock? What's in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... 
PAUL: I think there’s something in it for everyone.
NICK: We are planning to launch the album in spring and have a couple of launch’s 
spread around the country, from JHB to CT. Booyaah!
GARETH: We all do, we all work as a team in composing the songs together.
Billy Talent, The Used, Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars
NICK: Well, I wrote the choruses and wrote the song based on that moment when – You’re fighting with the person you love. (For me this took place in a car ). All, you want them to do is “spit it out’ …really say what they mean. And they don’t …they can’t for some reason. 
Even though you both know the relationship is on the verge of ending. 
That kind of shit happens in relationships and sometimes you don’t even know why.

GARETH: Ummm... it's about relationships, like many of our songs. 3 out of the 5 of us just happened to be going through breakups at the time we wrote that song, so I wouldn't say it is about anyone in particular but I think it worked as a little bit of a way for all of us to express some frustration.

Red Door on the 23rd of September in PMB 
Unit 11 Street Party on the 24th of September in DBN 
Cool Runnings on the 1st of October 
Milanos on the 28th of October in Vanderbijlpark
NICK: Architects, A static lullaby, Imogen heap, Underouth, Fightstar, 
Bar 9, Diezel boy… what it’s a mp3 disc. 
GARETH: This morning: Finch - Say hello to sunshine. 
PAUL: aKing, The Red Blooded Years
NICK: Hell Yes !! I thought you’d never ask!
GARETH: He has a beard, can u handle it? 
NICK: Beef, please. I’m feeling adventurous!
GARETH: Depends, is there red or white wine? 
PAUL: A bit of both
NICK: Gin, Bob Rocks, Hyde Park Hotel.
GARETH: Cool Runnings, The Drive In, Red Room 
PAUL: Wherever we’re playing a show 
SPENCER: Cool Runnings
NICK: Rosebank bowls club, Kitchners 
GARETH: Call me a girl but I prefer ciders 
PAUL: Band practice
WARREN: Where they serve Black Label 
SPENCER: Sundowners
NICK: The Orient, Pronto 
GARETH: Kong Roast 
NICK: Well, I have a Company called “ INJOZI “ so, I am normally there either working on 
music for a commercial or overseeing a design project but, mostly I’m on my phone.
If, I’m not at work – I’m hanging out with my friends – doing cool shit!
GARETH: I Work in 3D animation
PAUL: Write music for commercials, film, games etc.
SPENCER: I run the family business Attaboy Industries working with Timber

For bookings email: bookings@newtownknifegang.com


Neighbourgoods Market in Jozi!

At last after all the wait, THE NEIGHBOURGOODS MARKET IS COMING TO JOZI this Saturday 10 September. I'm too much of excited! I hope it's as super as the ons in Cape Town, I have a feeling everyone has very high hopes. See you all for a brekkie Saturday morning <3



Tattoo time! Pretty picture nr 1+2 from here and nr 3 from here. Why oh why am I still tattoo-less? Must get my bum in tattoo parlour!


Friday Tune Pete Yorn

Love this song by Pete Yorn, For Nancy ('Cos it already is). A tune for Friday +) And coming soon is an album that he did with Scarlett Johansson. What! Now she can sing too? Sigh.

Vintage inspired bathing suits

I would love to get my hand on one of these! Especially that little black number <3 I found this image on pinterest. The top logo has nothing to do with the bathing suits, it was just so freaking hot and I just wanted to put it on here...somewhere. It's from this site. Happy Friday xxx


Up in Swiss air

A little while ago a few of  us ladies sent our Elouna friend a little package to Switzerland. I got her these handmade pretties from talented friend Claudia. Elouna sent me this pic today +) Nice to see your pretty face xxx LOVE the earrings on you. You rock them! xxx


Spring Day Yay!

Happy spring day Jozi <3 ( and all those in the southern hemisphere). The drop caps are from The Daily Drop Cap. So pretty.


Oh how I would love to set a table with these pretties! So simple, but so awesome. Super handmade porcelain tableware from Gleena. Visit the website to see everything else <3

Spring Day Night Market!

Must go! Going to be so super! For more info visit the Market on Main website here. If you are not in Jozi, it might be a problem for you =(