▲ Lisa Mitchell - Bless this mess

New album by sweet Australian lady, Lisa Mitchell. I really enjoy her sound and was so excited to see she has a new album out! Here's ons of the new songs xx Images from bangbangdot

▲ The Whippet Coffee

Hey pretty peops :) Delightful new neighborhood coffee shop in Linden, Jozi (c/o 7th St & 4th Ave). This is exactly what what we've all been craving. Love the menu! Not your typical boring same old same old, how refreshing! Love the friendly owners, we felt right at home. I had a yum parmesan chicken sarmie (super delicious) and a Darling Brew slow beer. They have all the Darling beer I'll ever need. The Whippet is open from 6:30 - 16:00 weekdays (they have free wi-fi & plugs to charge your laptop) and open till 22:00 on a Friday for after work drinks. Go for a visit & like the facebook page to keep in touch. See you for after work drinks <3 Happiness x


▲ Still House

Beautiful jewellery by Still House :) I love the simple lines and form of these rings, it reminds me of a sculpture. I won't mind a little work of art on my finger x


▲ Minieco

This is officially my new favourite site! Can't get enough of all the tutorials, free printables and beautiful designs. I almost made the longest post ever, but I think it's a better idea to just direct you to the website so you can see the never ending awesomeness for yourself :) Think my wrapping for the year is sorted! Much Love


▲ Friday Playlist #6

Right click on the LISTEN button (open in new window) to play the song via youtube :)

Chad Valley - Tell all your Friends - LISTEN

White Arrows - Get Gone - LISTEN

Tame Impala - Feels like we only go backwards - LISTEN

San Cisco - Akward - LISTEN

The Submarines - You, Me and the Bourgeoisie - LISTEN

Purity Ring - Crawlersout - LISTEN

Lianne La Havas - Forget - LISTEN


▲ Two Guys' Bow Tie

I absolutely love these wooden bow ties by Two Guys' Bow Tie. Handcrafted with the best quality wood and leather or fabric detail. Each bow tie has a unique name like Chris, Chester, Mr. T and Harold. Makes me so happy. Every guy needs one! xxx

▲ Jane Sews

About time that I share with you the lovely work of my very talented friend Amy Venter a.k.a Jane Sews. I recently bought a lovely frosty mint dress (now my favourite dress ever) and 'n blouse with little white swan prints on it. I feel like a million dollars every time I wear it. Her clothes are perfectly fitted and very flattering.

"Embracing the return of artisan clothing, Jane Sews has created a world of playful poise. The label began with the idea that Amy’s own taste and love for vintage, whimsical items could be shared.  An eclectic blend of old and new is inspired by clean-­cut feminity and details from iconic eras, for a contemporary take on nostalgic styles. Celebrating natural fabrics, Jane Sews enjoys using luxe threads and supports local industry. The label offers a limited range of on-­trend apparel and timeless pieces for the modern little lady."

You can visit her Facebook Page and Website to see all her beautiful creations. Also keep an eye out for Jane Sews in these stores: Mememe, The Changing Room, Mungo & Jemima, I heart Market and many more.


▲ De Vette Mossel

Oh what fun we had and oh how stuffed we were! We visited De Vette Mossel beach restaurant (The Fat Mussel) in Groot Brak, Western Cape, South Africa this past holiday. It's built on a sand dune right on the beach. It's rustic, all natural with an amazing view and so só laid back. You can kick off your shoes as you enter and get a glass of wine on the house. You need to bring your own cooler with wine and drinks (as much as you like) and no corkage is charged, how nice! The menu includes an 8 course seafood dinner with coffee and koeksisters as dessert, not even to mention the heavenly freshly baked pot-bread, farm butter and jam that never runs out. YUM! After all of that we rolled home :)


▲ Thoughts & Things for the new year

I'm not a big fan of setting unrealistic goals an making unnecessary New Year's Resolutions that will just make you feel guilty through the new year. But I do think it's important to sit back every now and again and think about what you want, what you're about and where you want to go. Nothing will change unless you change something. So here are a few thoughts and random things that I jotted down with regards to this wonderful new year ahead of me.

Get my hands dirty more
Do DIY projects &  give DIY gifts
Write more letters
Read magazines
Spoil people even though it's not their birthday
Keep on dancing
Do at least 5 Mountain biking races
Take the 1st step to doing my own thing one day (how exciting!)
Say no sometimes and not feel guilty about it
Go to Italy & Switzerland
Spend a little on myself for a change and not always on everyone else
Document more of my adventures & creations on my blog
Eat less bread (unless it's freshly baked of course)
Start Yoga. I'm so scared!
Bake a cake
Cook up a storm & share
Surprise my husband
Read a book (just kidding! That's a very unrealistic goal for me, I'll watch the movie)
Don't measure my idea of success and happiness to others'
Be grateful every single day
Straighten my hair less
Take more photos
Sleep in
Go to the dentist (I'm terrified of the dentist)
Spend more time with the most important people in my life

Okay super <3


▲ Besotted Brand

Lovely stationery by Besotted Brand. And the coolest gift box in the whole world! Won't mind getting my hand dirty with that box :) My birthday is in June (hint-hint). Write more letters, give more gifts! xxx

▲ Happy 2013

And here it is. A brand new year full of hidden treasures and wonderful surprises :) Dinner parties, braais, gifts, new music, new friends, adventures, discovery and of course getting some work done. May 2013 be a blessed and amazing year for all your lovely faces xxx much love and happiness