Spring Day Yay!

Happy spring day Jozi <3 ( and all those in the southern hemisphere). The drop caps are from The Daily Drop Cap. So pretty.


Oh how I would love to set a table with these pretties! So simple, but so awesome. Super handmade porcelain tableware from Gleena. Visit the website to see everything else <3

Spring Day Night Market!

Must go! Going to be so super! For more info visit the Market on Main website here. If you are not in Jozi, it might be a problem for you =(

A dress & an owl

What a lovely dress. Now give it to me! And the owl, I just couldn't resist. My iphone definitely needs an owl's protection. Pretty dress is from Emerson Made and the owl from Mod Cloth. Happiness +)


Spring things

I love these looks for spring! How exciting, I can put the boring winter jackets away +) So over them! Time for shorts and dresses and sandals and happy nail colours <3 (although I do love my Essie grey, I'll be wearing it for a little while longer). Images from here, here and here.

Freddy Sam

Freddy Sam, I am inspired! Wow, where have I been? I only found out about this amazing talent today. You made my day dude +) Ricky Lee Gordon (artist name = Freddy Sam) is a Cape Town based artist. He does magic wherever he goes. Check out his website and blog to see all the super things he gets up to.

Song of the day: ShortStraw

MUST listen to the song of the day! Thanks Dani for being friends with the band and sending me this awesome find! Random images, 'cause I couldn't find more info on these guys, BUT they're local and you must listen to the single Find Yourself here. Images are from here and here. Love SA music!

Mirta jewelry

Such super abstract accessories from Mirta. Love them! She studied architecture, I see that as a plus point if I look at the awesomeness she creates! <3 Visit her Etsy shop here.

I don't even like purple

...but I like these +) Just a little mood board of pretty things. And yes, some things have been bugging me lately, but "the people who want to stay in your life will always find a way." True story that. Top 3 images is from here and the bottom one from a very cool typography site called Fonts in Use. Happy day, with love <3


Husband to be

He's hot, I know +)

Rainbow Types

Dear Marc Johns, I love you <3 Rainbow types for everyone! I can't decide which one is my favourite. It might have to be the italic rainbow. Don't take life too seriously! Spend some time on Marc Johns website. It will change your life. No really!

Wit & Whistle

Such quirky paper goodies from Wit & Whistle! Super cute cards and things. I love the one with the hearts <3 Ever got a 3D card? I want one! View more lovely cards from their Etsy shop. x


Popsicle Memory

This is the cutest thing ever! Go to Eat Drink Chic to see how this super memory game works. Great for kids, but the kid in me wants to play too!! I just love this image as poster. I want to blow it up and put it on my wall <3

Kyle's new tattoo!

This is my friend Kyle-pants =) (haai Kyle-pants). He recently got a new tattoo and i absolutely LOVE it and thought I's share it with you <3 Thanks Dani friend for the pretty pics you took xxx


Plush - Dancing in a Storm

Song of the week! Can't stop listening to it <3 Dancing in a storm by Plush. Watch the video, it's really cool. Going to see them live tonight (YEAY!) at Tanz Café in Fourways. Not that we like hanging out in Fourways... we just really want to see them +) You win some you loose some I guess.

Meneer die beer

I recently discovered this lovely lady via twitter. I especially love this bear <3 grrrrr. Visit her blog here, Julia Pott Illustration. It's full of cute furry characters and happiness for a friday +)

New Town Knife Gang at Sundowners

I've told you about these guys before! Check them out on the 2nd September +) Can't WAIT to see them live! So much awesomeness. Take a closer look at who they are here if you don't know yet. Also keep an eye out for the exclusive interview I had with them. Coming soon I promise! <3


Emmerentia Dam

So this is "planning a wedding part 2". It works nicely in the sun at Emmerentia Dam. A great place for dog watching too! Although all the grass is brown (just for a little while longer) the sun did shine and it was a lovely day to play outside. We drove around for about an hour before we went because we decided we HAD to have a frisbee. They are hard to find these days. Great success +)

45 Degrees

Also need to share this angular awesomeness with you. I do have a thing for triangles, yes I do! This is from Sara Trickett's selection on It's what I'm into. Much love x

A Beautiful Bunch

This little bunch of prettiness made me so happy when I found it! Its by Amber Jones on It's what I'm into. Such a super website! You must join. So much of happiness (and flowers of course) <3


Motherland Coffee

How to plan a wedding, well, this is how we do it +) Motherland Coffee is one of my favourite little coffee shops. Amazing coffee (which is the most important), free wi-fi, super yummy blueberry and white chocolate muffins mmmmmhm and just a lovely cosy vibe. And needless to say an amazing place to get things done. It's in Rosebank Mall, Jozi. If you haven't been there, do give it a try. If you get there early enough you might get the couch!! <3


Chris Ballasiotes

Love your work mnr Ballasiotes! Really stunning watercolour typography sometimes mixed with photography as well as design. Love it! Visit his website for more cool things <3

Roomys Face

Look at my pretty new earings!! Got them in my super cool packet from the present project <3 Super kitsch awesomeness! And then I also drew you a roomys because I wasn't around the last week. My computer said no =( HAPPY FRIDAY!!


Go forward!

I found this lovely wolfie on the Corduroy etsy shop. SO cute <3 Lots of different animal cups! Go take a look +)  love


Heima Store

I'm totally crazy about this online store!! So many beautiful things in one place <3 I'll have them all thanks +) Check out more cool products from the Heima store here. Super nice x


Lovely Leather Clutch

Soooo pretty! Personalised envelope leather clutch with your initial on it <3 How super! Hand stitched and all and all. I would love to have one of these! There are also black and brown leather options. I like this one <3 This is from Harlex.

Lucky Pony Present Project

A while ago I put up my hand to be a part of the Lucky Pony Blog's Present Project. What a brilliant idea!! Basically all you had to do is say that you want to be a part of it, then you get paired with a random person that also wants to play. You then need to send each other a gift. OH WHAT FUN. I was so excited when I got 2 parcels yesterday. Full of super awesomeness <3 Thank you Cheron my pretty new friend! You made my day +) Much love xxx


Skull rings and things

Super cute skull rings from all over the place. I love them <3 I found some randomly on google and the rest on Polyvore. I love that place. Happy day +)



Today I got my man back! It was the longest month of my life, but at least today I get to have a happy Monday <3 Lucky Me! I'm so happy right now +) I got this super cute pic from here.