The Nest Vintage Shop

I bought these super cute handmade brooches from Nest Vintage Shop in Stellenbosch <3 I gave one to me Dani friend and the other one is for my sister. I just hope she doesn't see it before I get it to her. They have a little website too. Visit it here. Much love xxx

HOORAY! It's Friday

Happy Friday everyone! <3 Cool pic from André Beato.


Cool Headgear

How super are these antlers? Love them all!! I want it in my little house <3 I got these pretties from Erin Ever After. One of the super cool places I love to visit xxx

5 more sleeps!

And then I have my fiancé back! Yeay!! It's been the longest month of my life +( Me no big Simple Plan fan AT ALL, but every now and then I can get a bit cheesy and this is it. I'm feeling this song okay. They wrote it for me. I probably won't like it comes Monday, but for now here is some cheese. You can cheese out with me here <3 And visit my love's New York blog here.

The Naked and Famous

This band is kind of growing on me I must say. Song of today is, Machinery. I like it, a lot. And I will be listening to it all day <3 Hope you like it too +) Happy Wednesday!


Death and Roses

I love these scull necklaces. They are too super <3 They are also from luxedeluxe and displayed next to bridal jewelery hehe. Maybe if you are a rock and roll bride you would want to wear one of these on your wedding day. Love it love it <3

Birds Boutique Cafe, Very nice!

I went on a little trip to Cape Town with me mom. Oh what fun! Renier told me to go to the Birds Café. What a lovely little eatery at 127 Bree Street, Cape Town. Everyone must go! Quite small and understated, but put together so lovely. You sit on crates with super cool cushions, they play bird noises in the background and the menu is written on 3 A2 papers at the back. Yummy home baked scones and cakes and cookies mmmmhm. I had a almond, chocolate and cherry scone. YES! Amazing. And the second beer I've ever been able to finish in my life! Can I get a hells yeah! I can officially drink beer now +) It makes me a better person on the inside.

Bucket of nice

Love the lines arm tattoo. How rad?! So little but so much! I found the pic here. And the thought of the day which I really love is from Post Secret. If you need to feel better about your life, just give that site a little visit. You'll feel better in no time at all <3

Ribbon Bow Ring

Yeay! I'm back +) It's been a while I know. Shocking. But after super business and going to visit Cape Town-ness I got the sickness. Was in bed. I was boring, but now I'm awesome again <3 And the 1st thing I want to show you is this really cute 1920's bow ring. I want one!! It's from luxedeluxe on etsy. Got to love it!


Live from nowhere near you

I don't have a lot to say today =/ BUT I did discover this really cool site for Indie music called The Indie Playlist!! If you (like me) like discovering new bands all the time and get tired of your music too quickly, you'll love me for this <3 I enjoyed the Mercy, mercy me cover. I want you to listen to it too. It's nice. Click here. Oh yes, and the "nowhere" awesome type is from The Daily Drop Cap as usual +)


Everything, Everyone, Everywhere

Mmmmmmmn yes. I like this. I like them even more together. I found them on FFFFOUND! One of those sites with endless inspiration. I wasn't able to got to the original website though, it just wouldn't let me  =( Pitty that. I wanted to see more.


Dis hoe ons rol

Time for some awesomeness! Check out Dis hoe ons rol (that's how we roll)! It's a cool blog of all the things Renier (my fiancé) and his copy writer, Nico is getting up too in New York. They are starting their internship at Johannes Leonardo tomorrow. So exciting! You can also put in some suggestions of where they should go and what they should do and and. Just click on the WAT EN WAAR button if you don't understand the taal +) Sweet

Things I like

Tattoos and abstract things (in this case my favourite colour essie nailpolish and a black one as well). The tattoo lady I found on we<3it and the blobs are from monograph, cool site I must say +) Maybe give  then a visit.

Pressies for me!

I got a little pressie from my awesome Dani friend this weekend! <3 It's a lovely antique cup and saucer with a little golden spoon AND it's my favourite colour. I love it soooo much! Thank you my pretty friend! You are the best xxx


Meet "Spaarperd"

Meet "Spaarperd" (piggybank horse) +) I love him!! He was a gift from Renier (he got it from Life Unplugged in Parkhurst). Such a cool little shop. How awesome is he! My first porcelain horse, I'm incomplete without it <3 hehe

Military Fashion & Bow Ties

Never mind the fashion part of this, I just LOVE the colours. Like my eyes just had ice-cream. Yes, just like that +) I found the top bow tie image from In the Fashion Loop and the lady pic from Marie Claire.

Hello hello

Hello hello <3 Hope you are having a super Friday!! Hello 1 is from alethea and ruth and hello 2 bird is from alyssa nassner and so on and so on. Cool. Just a quick one.