▲ Sergeant Pepper

Sergent Pepper is an emerging South African clothing label for men that guarantees pure awesomeness! I'm getting all excited about this and can't wait to see more of the hotness that they have up their sleeve. Please be so nice as to like them on facebook. They need your likes to make this happen even sooner! Also keep an eye out on the website for things to come! You go guys x


▲ Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody

I was so super excited when I came across Mr Somebody & Mr Nobody. They are doing the most amazing stuff and as usual I really wish that I can have it all! Doilies printed in glitter, plucked wood chickens, badges for under plates and tablecloths that you can also use as clothing. It's mind blowing pure awesomeness <3 These 2 south African ladies is rocking it big time in the USA. You go girls x


▲ Head on Design

Love these African-Chic Hunting Trophies! I would much rather have a piece of pretty white board stare at me, than the real deal. Head on Design is the brain child of South African lady Joanna Orr, which runs her creative studio from Cape Town. Some of the trophies are wrapped with leather and the latest projects are covered in artworks by local artists. Think I need the Jozi one for my house. We don't have ANYTHING on our walls yet, but these are definitely worthy :) So... how much are these babies?

▲ Picture Cape Town #1

Here's a few snapshots of our recent long weekend in Cape Town. Once again we had to ask ourselves the very important question: "Why oh why don't we live here?" We still don't have an answer to that, but we're working on the problem. Jozi, New York, Cape Town, that seems like an exciting route to take :) Lets make it happen!


▲ A Skulk of Foxes

More nice things from A Skulk of Foxes. I love this little shop. And can I please have all of the above, especially the antler earrings :) I'll give my husband the super duper wood cufflinks, then everyone is happy :)

▲ Time for new hair

It's time for me to change my hair a bit and I think this is what I'm going to do. I love Ellie Gouldings' undercut. It's so pretty and now I want it too <3 Not too sure if I can do the fringe again, but I'll see when I get there. My appointment is only in a few weeks, but I will show you what it looks like :) Excited!

▲ Put Foot Rally - Team OK-GO!

My dear friend Dani together with 2 of her friends a.k.a Team OK-GO! is taking on the PutFoot Rally in Africa in a few weeks time. These brave ladies are in 17 day race to give leather school shoes to less fortunate children in a few African Countries like Namibia, Mozambique and Zambia to name a few. They need all the support they can get! Visit their blog OK-GO!, join their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. You can also be super awesome and visit the Motherland Charity Art Exhibition that they are hosting Friday 25 May and buy some illustrations and things from local artists (see the flyer below). Watch the Team OK-GO! video here, to see what it's all about :) They're hot. Give them money. Please <3 xxx

▲ Motherland Coffee Charity Art Exhibition

▲ From the Woods

Some wooden objects that I'll just LOVE to have! From the top: Yellow wooden cuckoo clock by Snowfawn on Etsy. I really think my little house needs one of those or maybe I just need that lazercutter that I've been dreaming about all my life! Fox brooch and super awesome handmade, cherrywood iPhone covers is from A skulk of Foxes. My new favourite shop :)


▲ Cute iPhone Covers

Love these cute illustrated iPhone Covers from Iconemesis. I've been looking for a cool cover for so long, but I just can't find anything I like in the shops. Think I need to order myself one of these pretties :) See the whole collection (all by different artists) here. <3


▲ Skinny Laminx

I'm so chuffed with my new Skinny Laminx cushion that we bought in Cape Town recently. Was so excited when I saw the shop, I new that I just have to buy something Laminx :) I fell in love with the cute red cow print and decided that it's coming home with me. You can visit the online shop here. There's plenty of awesomeness that awaits!

▲ Tea Towel awesomeness

How rad are these neon tea towels?! I love them <3 Such cool pattern designs by Scholten & Baijings. You can buy these at the Aplus store. Click here.

▲ Simplesong

Cute little 2012 letterpress calender from the Simplesong shop. It's on sale :)


▲ Jozi Craft Beer Fest

Yay, BEER! How exciting, Jozi's 1st Craft Beer Fest in Greenside baby. It's all about 18 local micro breweries, live music and yummy food. Can't say no to this brilliant idea :) For more info visit the website. SUPER! See you there xxx


▲ Meet Kat & Haas

Meet Cat & Rabbit. They are the new addition to my ‘I’m not so sure what I’m going to use this for’ collection. I think they’ll make great hot plates for my antique table. I need those! I bought them at the Green Grass shop in Parkhurst for R20 each. Nice <3 


▲ Clarke's bar & dining room

We had such nice breakfast at Clarke's bar & dining room. It's a cosy and unique little diner at 133 Bree street in Cape Town. Lots of pot plants, nice people and yummy food. If you get the chance, pop in :)

▲ Party in the pant

These 3 pants had such a nice party in Stellenbosch this weekend. One of our friends got married at Skilpasdvlei just outside Stellenbosch and oh what fun to play in the Cape Winelands :) Here we are waiting around on the grass, having sushi snacks and drinks while the couple are taking photos x