ABC paper cups

I'm having one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. I think it's even better than those plastic letter and numbering magnets I love so much. Loving it <3. Via lushlee blog by IAM design.

Berangere Claire clothing

Such a cool branded T-Shirt from Berangere Claire. Deer = <3

99c Dreams

This is such a beautiful photography site. Full of lovely pictures and pictures and pictures. Visit 99c Dreams for more of these.

Wooly Fox

Hihi. A little sleepy lambswool fox and a tree is all you need to smile today. Hope they make you happy too! Take a look at Sara Carr's shop for more knitted toys and accessories made with lots of love <3


Joanna Rutter

Cute things from Joanna Rutter on Etsy +) The "hello" necklace is definitely on my list of things to have!

Bunting necklace

The only thing slightly cooler than a moustache right now, is bunting. I love this little necklace I got from lushlee's blog. See more bunting jewels from Scoutholiday here. 

Rifle Paper co

Rifle Paper Co. is a boutique stationery brand and design studio created by Anna Bond and her husband Nathan. They make lovely cards, prints, invitations and other pretty things. I love the light hearted illustration style +) great ideas for the festive season!

Steffany loves

Such lovely jewellery from Steffany loves. I bought one of these for my friend as a going away gift. It's so stunning. More of her pretty jewels and where to get them on her blog.


*More JM illustration*

I just can't get enough of Jordan Metcalf's illustrations. They take me to the happy place and I like it there. For ultimate happiness go to his flickr page for more eye candy.

MNKR designs

MNKR has such cool t-shirts and tops! I love <3 this one. Be sure to take a peek at the rest of them!



Blik is the first company to create removable wall graphics. Each month they collaborate with online-community-based tee shirt company, Threadless. You can vote for your favourite t-shirt illustration and then they will turn it into wall art. You can also buy the T. How convenient +)


Moustache is in! This Supermarket website is amazing. I found this pretty one in the rings section. There are loads of other cool goodies. Go shop for other happy things <3


Pie Palooza's

Pie Palooza's is a Cape Town based little button boutique. You'll find some really cute button rings, hairclips, brooches, earings and all things button on this blog. Cute... as a button =p

No name coolness

I got these random cool pics from Kristen Lee Moolman's blog. She can't remember where she found them either. If this is yours, raise your hand, it's awesome.


us2wear creates beautiful perspex jewellery and homewear. They are a Pretoria based husband and wife design team. Gerard is a graphic designer and Jeanne-Louise an interior designer. See more pretty pins, earings and clocks on the website.

Spooned Clothing

Pretty businesscards by Bia van Deventer for Spooned Clothing. Thats all  +)


Cute cushions

These made me happy and I hope they make you happy too +) These super cute cushions are made by Donna Wilson. She also does other cool things like ceramics and stationary. Visit her blog!

Mingo Lamberti

You must get your hands on one of these! Mingo Lamberti is a local designer and illustrator. They mostly do amazing t-shirt illustrations, but are expanding to a bigger design territory. Take a look at the website and the amazing different ranges they have.

Less Is More

These beautiful illustrations are a collaboration project by Mingo Lamberti. It was done for a t-shirt range for the LIM (less is more) shop in Kloof Street. Loving it!


Sad bread brooch

This little broodjie is for my friend Dani California. She likes sad broodjies. From Prisma on Etsy.

More from the Collect Adore range

Collect jewellery.

Collect Jewellery

Collect is a Cape Town based boutique jewellery studio owned by Julie Patterson. Everything is hand made and produced in sterling silver. The designs draw inspiration from vintage designs, fairytales and antique jewellery and is described as "light-hearted-art". See more fun to die for jewels on the Collect website.


Ellie Goulding

I'm loving Ellie Goulding at the moment. This electro-pop singer is from London and she is rocking my i-tunes. Listen to her song Starry Eyed on youtube or visit her myspace page for more <3


Department FU

Department FU is a little Digital, Video and Design studio in Jhb. I love their strange little stopframe animations and ofcourse this happy DPS that I stole from one of their design jobs.

Movember mugs!

Even if you can't grow one, you can buy one +) Buy these mugs online from Peter Ibruegger. There are mugs, espresso  cups, tumblers and much more awesomeness!


This little guy made me chuckle a bit as he reminds me of a certain someone I love. Hierdie een is vir jou my engel. See more cool stuff from Sandra Juto on her site.

Hand lettering and illustration

Happy ideas from Mary Kate McDevitt. Take a look at the great gifts and other pretty things on her Etsy page.


Limited edition i-jusi magazine

It's amazing what you can do with a ballpoint pen! I-jusi magazine just brought out a limited edition issue with mind blowing ballpoint pen illustrations from 34 different artists. My boyfriend is one of the very lucky ones who was able to get his hands on one of them +)

The Bare Project

This is a great idea by Am I Collective, one of the best illustration studios in SA. They gave these plain white bears to brilliant local artists who could decorate them in any way they want. They will then send them to galleries across the borders and auction them off. All the proceeds went to child welfare. Take a look at all the bears at bare.amicollective.com


Says Who Tees

Says Who is a small Johannesburg based illustration and design studio. They just got their 1st T-Shirt range out. Take a closer look on their website.

The President

These are probably my favourite posters of all time and I just had to post them. They are printed with glitter on coloured paper. I did my internship in Cape Town in my 4th year. I literally begged Peet Pienaar to take me in even if it's just for a week. His agency was still called "Daddy buy me a pony" then, but they changed to The President. I was amazed by the creative work that came out of that little place.

Dokter and Misses

Dokter and Misses are a married couple from Johannesburg who design and produce geometric furniture, lightning, objects, clothing and jewellery.  I first saw their amazing work in the
44 Stanley ave shop, but saw they are also opening a shop in Long street Cape Town. See even more from Dokter and Misses from this cool site.

Mystery T-Shirt

I love this! You order a T-Shirt from The Hipstery without knowing what it looks like. All you need to do is tell them a little about yourself and trust them with the rest... Everyone must get a surprise once in a while. Even if you send it to yourself.


This Years Girl

Escape to the dreamworld of This Years Girl. Out of this world photography and jewellery.
Take a look at all the pretty things at her Etsy shop.

Friend of a friend

Stefni is a Knysna based jeweller, surfer and artist. She has a truly unique and organic style which is a little upstream to what everyone else is doing at the moment. And that's exactly why I love her work!


Doktrine ontwerp

These guys are from Pretoria and does some amazing creative work. Anything from photography, illustration, video and design. Check them out on the Doktrine website.

Pretty things from Mikado

Mikado is quite new, but they have lovely stuffs. Check out the website for more prettiness and the facebook page for the stockists.

Have a nice life drawings

A little drawing from a very cool blog called Have a nice life. Take a look at the rest of them. They're really cool.


Skinny laMinx

Heather Moore is a Cape Town based illustrator and designer. I love the cushions from her Etsy online shop! Also check out her website at Skinny laMinx

Skermunkil jewellery

Lovely jewellery from Skermunkil in Cape Town.  You can also buy these online at Beatnik Bazaar!
My friend got one when she went to Cape Town. They are really stunning. They have a design on the one side and flat colour on the other.

The Good Machinery

Need a pet? For only $13 you can get one of these handmade animals. They can't do tricks though, they just stand there, looking awesome. Visit thegoodmachinery on Etsy.

Mountain Wallpaper

I fell in love with this wallpaper by Fine Little Day. There are more interesting things on the website.

Porcelain Jewelry

I found these on Sara Skotte's website. She specialises in tableware and jewellery. I love them!


Wall plates from Chik

Pretty wall plates and other lovely things from Chik Designs. See more on their website.

Polaroid Scarves

I just can't get over these silk polaroid scarves! It's a project by Philippe Roucou and M. Cherie. Limited addition, 100% silk and expensive. But very nice to look at. See the range here. Via Reborn.

Eat Drink Chic

The best discovery ever! Amy Moss is all about style inspiration, D.I.Y & free stationery printables for parties, entertaining, weddings, the home, gifts, food, fashion & more. The prettiest blog by far!

Gin & Tonic

This is a logo I designed for a friend. She is a fashion designer and wanted to start an accessories line as well. So this is it. She loves it +)