Newtown KNIFE Gang: Exclusive Interview

I had the cool opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Newtown KNIFE Gang, "JHB's hottest new rock force". The band is made up of 5 super talented guys. Spencer Martin: Vocals | Nick Argyros: Drums & Vocals | Paul Norwood: Guitars | Warren Retief: Guitars | Gareth Norwood: Bass. I asked them a few questions, and this is what they had to say:

NICK: Melodic, in your face, heart felt with a twist of lemon?! 
GARETH: Heavy yet melodic with catchy sing along choruses? I dunno, progressive emo melodic grunge rock? What's in a name, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet... 
PAUL: I think there’s something in it for everyone.
NICK: We are planning to launch the album in spring and have a couple of launch’s 
spread around the country, from JHB to CT. Booyaah!
GARETH: We all do, we all work as a team in composing the songs together.
Billy Talent, The Used, Linkin Park and 30 Seconds To Mars
NICK: Well, I wrote the choruses and wrote the song based on that moment when – You’re fighting with the person you love. (For me this took place in a car ). All, you want them to do is “spit it out’ …really say what they mean. And they don’t …they can’t for some reason. 
Even though you both know the relationship is on the verge of ending. 
That kind of shit happens in relationships and sometimes you don’t even know why.

GARETH: Ummm... it's about relationships, like many of our songs. 3 out of the 5 of us just happened to be going through breakups at the time we wrote that song, so I wouldn't say it is about anyone in particular but I think it worked as a little bit of a way for all of us to express some frustration.

Red Door on the 23rd of September in PMB 
Unit 11 Street Party on the 24th of September in DBN 
Cool Runnings on the 1st of October 
Milanos on the 28th of October in Vanderbijlpark
NICK: Architects, A static lullaby, Imogen heap, Underouth, Fightstar, 
Bar 9, Diezel boy… what it’s a mp3 disc. 
GARETH: This morning: Finch - Say hello to sunshine. 
PAUL: aKing, The Red Blooded Years
NICK: Hell Yes !! I thought you’d never ask!
GARETH: He has a beard, can u handle it? 
NICK: Beef, please. I’m feeling adventurous!
GARETH: Depends, is there red or white wine? 
PAUL: A bit of both
NICK: Gin, Bob Rocks, Hyde Park Hotel.
GARETH: Cool Runnings, The Drive In, Red Room 
PAUL: Wherever we’re playing a show 
SPENCER: Cool Runnings
NICK: Rosebank bowls club, Kitchners 
GARETH: Call me a girl but I prefer ciders 
PAUL: Band practice
WARREN: Where they serve Black Label 
SPENCER: Sundowners
NICK: The Orient, Pronto 
GARETH: Kong Roast 
NICK: Well, I have a Company called “ INJOZI “ so, I am normally there either working on 
music for a commercial or overseeing a design project but, mostly I’m on my phone.
If, I’m not at work – I’m hanging out with my friends – doing cool shit!
GARETH: I Work in 3D animation
PAUL: Write music for commercials, film, games etc.
SPENCER: I run the family business Attaboy Industries working with Timber

For bookings email: bookings@newtownknifegang.com


  1. they all have beards. thats enough for me to want to listen to their music. that, and also they're a real nice bunch of peoples :)

  2. Awesome!!! Would love to see these guys live

  3. Awesome interview, love it, love them and love you!