▲ DIY Bow Ties

I made these cute little bow tie favours for my friend's baby shower that was a little while ago. She's expecting a boy and I decided that all the ladies that were invited needed a bow tie & moustache :) To see the Step by Step of how I made these click on the READ MORE button below xxx

It's pretty basic, especially for someone who don't know how a sewing machine works (like me). This one is totally fool proof :) Exactly the way I like it!

What you'll need is:

1) Piece of fabric. My rectangles was roughly 20cm x 14cm
2) Ribbon
3) Thread that matches your ribbon
4) Safety pins

If it is a gift, you can also make little cards like I did and pin the bow tie to the card with a personalised message. Something really simple will look special right away!
As you can see it's mostly folding of the fabric. The only thing you need to sew is the folds (so they sit tightly together) and then the ribbon that wraps around the middle :) If you want to you can also put a hair clip in. Then you can use it both ways! Happy bow-tieing xxx

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