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This year we had our very first Christmas as official Capetonians. This was also the first Christmas tree we've ever made :) The theme for this Christmas was 'Lemon Tree' (we take holidays and birthdays very seriously, as one should). I had little lemon decorations made out of yellow perspex as well as see through perspex hearts for extra bling. I'm not a big fan of traditional Christmas decorations and snow globes and feel there is a whole new world to explore.

In South Africa we have a beautiful hot summer Christmas, so I thought that fresh mint, yellow, white and silver was in order instead of warm wooly santa hats, fireplaces and mistletoes.

I used mint decorative placemats and deer antler napkin rings from met Liefde, petit Sanpelleorino lemonade drinks to add some extra lemon, happy yellow paper straws and serviettes. I printed the lemon botanical drawing and used it as wrapping paper, the rest of the wrapping paper is from Woolworths (love you Woolies). It was a very very beautiful Christmas indeed! xxx

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