We're engaged!

YEAY!!! It still feels like a dream. We got engaged Saturday night on the rooftop of Main Street Life. It was the most beautiful night of my life! With a 360 view of Johannesburg's city lights, loads of candles and a little table for two, I SAID YES! We stayed over at the 12 Decades Hotel. It's super! There are only 12 rooms and each room is decorated according to a different decade. I got the top and bottom pic from here. <3 <3 <3

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  1. this is going to sound weird, but i'm sure i walked past you on my way to church in monty casino on sunday night.
    and becasue i had been looking at your blog on friday, i recognised you and thought i knew you and was just about to wave, but then realised what my brain was doing ha!

    congrats on the engagement by the way.